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Friday, November 9, 2012

On Dasher: GIfts for Travelers

If you are paying attention to TV ads, store decor and weather reports (here's looking at you, Athena and et tu Brutus), it must be time for the holidays.  As you start pondering who's been naughty and who's been nice,  consider some nifty items that will please any traveler on your list.

Who doesn't want a super-cool suitcase?  I've been getting mad props and a lot of  "Heys, Girl" shout-outs at airports this year, in large part due to my updated collection of carry-on luggage. One of my favorites is from the Heys Britto Collection. Based on the designs of pop artist Romero Britto, my lightweight 22-inch polycarbonate case (right) retails for $250. If you prefer something a little less flashy and a little less expensive, the Heys xCase  (left) at $150 may be just the ticket.

If your favorite travel geeks are also computer and yoga freaks, they're going to be head over heels…or heels over head…for this Gorilla Mobile Yogi for iPad by Joby. The Yogi stabilizes the iPad on any surface and offers adjustable viewing angles, including Downward Dog (left), Half Lotus (below) and Spinal Twist. If your exercise of choice is ballet or pole dancing, you can hang the Yogi from a bar. It retails for $39.95, although I found it cheaper on Amazon.

Joby also makes the Gorilla Mobile Ori for iPad for your favorite Zen master. Inspired by the art of origami, it’s a iPad case that bends and folds in multiple ways. Best yet--it has a swiveling hinge. It costs $59.95 at http://www.joby.com/

Watch this space as I post more travel gift ideas every week through December 25.

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