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Friday, March 25, 2016

Baltimore Lights Up

Premiering on Monday, Light City Baltimore is the first large-scale, international light festival in the United States. Light City will provide a backdrop for the celebration of ideas, ingenuity and creativity through art, music and innovation.

In 1816, Baltimore was the first American city to illuminate its streets with gas lanterns, revolutionizing the urban landscape by transforming the city with light. So it's somewhat fitting that two hundred years later, Light City comes to Baltimore to shine light on the city’s creative, cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary talent. Light City’s programming is designed to inspire an ecosystem of ideas and learning during the day. Meanwhile, by night, lights, performances and live music re-imagine the Inner Harbor.

A 1.5 mile BGE Light Art Walk, stretching from the Inner Harbor to Harbor East, will be filled with 28 art installations on the promenade, in the water, and projected onto buildings. Along the way, visitors can check out street theater and musical performances. Hopefully...no mimes.

Light City U is bringing together innovators and thought leaders in four key industries during the festival.These change makers will explore one question: How do we become a more responsible and equitable society? It’s certainly a key question in today’s Baltimore and, in fact, in election year America.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cool Suitcases from the Travel Goods Show

Looking for a new suitcase? Here are a few unique items coming to market this spring. They were showcased at the Travel Goods Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada in March.


Prior to its release to the general public this year, Trunkster had been getting a ton of buzz. First, the inventors raised nearly 1.4 million dollars on Kickstarter. They received another 1.4 million from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank. What's the ado all about? Trunkster is rocking the world of luggage design by dispensing with zippers. Instead, the suitcase opens via a roll-top sliding door. There’s also an integrated digital scale, a removable battery, optional global tracking and a super-sturdy handle. At nine pounds, the suitcase is a bit heavy for a carry-on. But seductive design doesn’t always come light....or cheap. A current website deal is running at $355.

Genius Pack Carry-On Spinner

Hauling around dirty laundry is the bane of the traveler who doesn’t want to get soaked by hotel dry cleaning prices. The Genius Pack 22-inch Carry-On Spinner can’t wash dirty clothing, but it can compress it to take up less room in your suitcase.

Laundry Compression Technology works by expelling unwanted air through a valve integrated into one compartment of the luggage. When you get home, take out the dirty laundry bag and throw contents directly in the wash. Other novelties are a built-in slot for umbrella storage and a strap designed to secure a jacket onto the suitcase handle. The case weighs in at less than eight pounds and retails for $258.  


Tired of toting your kid's carry-on through the airport? Let him/her ride it, instead. Flyte is a safe and sturdy scooter, a swift pull-along trolley, and a compact piece of cabin sized luggage all in one. Perfect for children between the ages of four and eight, Flyte’s best feature is an easy-to-fold footplate, which fits snugly in the back of the case. The suggested retail price is $100. Now, if they only had one of these for adults.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Chicago Just for Pun

See how many puns you can find in this Ode to The Windy City.

I recently traveled to Chicago.

Soldier Field
City of Chicago

First, I wanted to go shopping along the Magnificent Mile. The weather was cold, but I donned my white sox and soldiered on.

I bought far too much....in fact, I signed my John Hancock on credit card machines numerous times. No bull.

John Hancock City
I was a happy human bean. I exclaimed to no one in particular, "Hull, this could easily become a Daley routine."

Adam Alexander Photography
The next day was warm and sunny. I had to shedd my layers as I walked along the banks of Lake Michigan. Such a nice lakeview. Then, I got so thirsty that I felt loopy. I saw a mirage--it was Jack Black hawking hockey pucks. I couldn’t bear the thirst. My need to drink water towered over all other considerations. That stick of Wrigley in my pocket just wouldn’t cub it, nor would a Pilsen.

Later on, I went to hear Lincoln Park play at Lincoln Hall. The crowd was united in its love of alternative barack music. Midway through,  I noticed all the men and thought, “What the el...this is a boystown.”   

In terms of dining, well,  I did try the deep dish pizza. My first bite contained something resembling a filament.  “O’Hare”, I exclaimed, but it turned out it was only a thread-like strand of cheese. Next, I went to a Greektown eatery.  When the saganaki sears, everyone yells, “Oprah!”

Adam Alexander Photography
Navy Pier
Choose Chicago

The next day, I took an architecture tour on the Chicago River.  Looking at the city’s towering skyscrapers left me feeling truly humboldt.  There were a lot of military men aboard. I think they were Navy piers. Hunky men and architecture...all was Wright with the world.

Pun Count: ?? In the comments section, tell me how many you found...and add some more.

Go, Cubs 2016!