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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Manners Manifesto: A (Not Emily) Post* on Press Trip Etiquette: PART II

With so many bloggers in the travel writing game, press trip invitations are on the rise. Sadly, so are bad manners. In Part 1, we covered the ABCs of press trip behavior. Now, it's time for the EF and Gs.

E is for Ew...as in "Ew, you stink":

A recent press trip reminded me to include this very important maxim in this piece. If you smoke, wear perfume, eat profuse amounts of garlic or otherwise reek, be aware that your scent stays with you. If you are in close quarters on a press trip, be it on an airplane or a minivan, realize that your secondhand aroma is likely off-putting to others in the group. 

F is for Food and Form:

  • Always let your host know in advance about food allergies or other health restrictions. You make life very difficult for your hosts if you spring this information on them at the last minute.
I told my host well in advance--"no gluten for me."
As a result, I greatly enjoyed my Norwegian foods.
  • If you plan to diverge from the schedule, let your hosts know well in advance.
  • Do not expect the host to arrange the alternative plans (although they might offer to).
  • Don’t diverge from the press trip to visit your Aunt Sadie. If Aunt Sadie demands a visit, add a day to the trip (at your own expense) and visit her then.
  • Furthermore, never ever diverge from a press trip for a Tinder hook up. Yes, apparently, this is a thing. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the travel writer sea, and if you use trips for international matches, you may end up on the be naughty list.

G is for Good

  Bad behavior reflects upon your fellow professionals. Therefore, be good.  

  •  Be on time.
  •  Show up for activities.
  •  Pay attention.
  •  Don’t overindulge in alcohol, especially if it impairs your performance.
  •  Don’t complain you don’t have enough free time for shopping or sitting by the pool.
  •  Don’t be a prima donna.

We see you at the end of this
walkway shooting a selfie.
  • Don’t spend all your time shooting selfies. Destinations want coverage of their attractions, and don’t need to have you self-photobomb every beauty shot.