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Monday, February 29, 2016

Now and Then: #TravelToppers is Back on Twitter on Thursday

The topic of the monthly #TravelToppers chat on Twitter is Now and Then. 
Start reminiscing now. Then join in Thursday, March 3 at 1 PM Eastern Time; 10 AM Pacific Time; and 6 PM London Time. Here are the questions.

Q1: Where are you checking in from and what's your generation (Millennial, X, Y, Baby Boomer)?

Q2: What was easier about traveling in the pre-Internet/pre- cell phone era? It wasn't that long ago, after all.

Q3: What was more difficult about traveling back then?

Q4: What is more difficult about traveling now?

Q5: What no longer exists, but is something you wish you had been able to experience/see? (IE: The Concorde)

Q6: What topics you would like to be discussed during upcoming #TravelToppers chats?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Travel Gadgets and Gizmos for Winter Travel

Taking a trip this winter? In previous posts and on Let's Talk Live this week (click link for video), I address the specific challenges of winter travel. Here are some products to help you stay safe, warm and moisturized during this cold, dry season. 

Do you suffer from the heartbreak of dry skin during the winter? Even if you normally don't, anyone who heads to the mountains is likely to notice that an otherwise peachy complexion goes to the pits on the ski slope. The fact is, when traveling, you should not only NOT forego the normal hydrating routine, but you should actually beef it up. Especially when going to high altitudes in the middle of winter, extra tools of the trade are useful.

Crane USA is royalty among the humidifier set. The company has several products perfect for the global nomad.  The Small and Mighty ($49.99) is a personal ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that increases air moisture. The 1.8 quart water tank runs quietly for up to eight hours.  If you are traveling by car, or if you are carrying a large suitcase, pop it in the trunk.

Small and Mighty
Crane Travel Humidifier

For carry-on types, The Travel Humidifier ($29.99) fits the bill. It consists of a portable tank, a misting probe, and a power adapter that works with both outlets and USB ports.  

Another vital winter weather need--staying warm. This AlphaHeat Battery-Operated Scarf ($29.95) runs on three AA batteries, heating up to nearly 120 degrees. The heating element is on the back of the neck. There are also pockets on the scarf to keep your hands toasty.

Heat Holders claims its thermal socks ($15.99) are "7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks." I can't prove those stats, but I can tell you these socks have kept my tootsies warm during this frigid winter. The company also sells hats, tights and thermal underwear perfect for layering up and keeping in the heat.

Finally, no winter traveler, or any traveler for that matter, should hit the road without travel insurance. Not only does it cover you for unexpected travel and medical expenses, but some policies even reimburse for things like lost or damaged skis. Check out this article from Allianz Travel Insurance for the scoop.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

#ManicPunday Goes to The Improv!