Noticed a slew of bright new hotel brands popping up all over the
 place lately? You can thank Millennials.
Big lodging chains are working hard to attract the younger 
generation with quirky, fresh brands such as Marriott’s Moxy, 
which appeared on the scene a few years back to appeal to 
“a sassy, determined, individualistic consumer.”  

Moxy, Milan
Moxy, Milan

So what does this trend in Millennial hotels mean for your next 
stay? In many cases, you’ll find cozier guestrooms offset by 
well-appointed lobbies, perhaps suggesting the young ones spend 
more time in communal spaces instead of their rooms. Moxy’s
lobby, for one, will have an industrial chic vibe, featuring zones for
computing, caffeinating and conversation. Unisex bathrooms are 
planned for the lobby, too. A New Orleans Moxy is set to open in 
the  first quarter of 2016, making it the brand’s second location
after Milan, Italy 
Hotel RL, Washington, DC

Hotel RL, Washington, DC

Meanwhile, Hotel RL is the hip brand coming from Spokane, 
Washington-based Red Lion Hotels. The public areas here feel 
more Pacific Northwest coffeehouse than chain hotel, and forget 
about a front desk—there isn’t one. Also are in short supply are the
buttoned up and blazered staffers you see at the big chains; instead
expect twenty-somethings hanging out in jeans, T-shirts and 
colorful, coiffed hair. Once you figure out who’s who, it’s easy
enough to settle in. The lobby features a barista bar, a live stage,
and a game room stacked with classic board games. Rooms are a
bit more conventional, with plush beds and large walk-in showers.
The first Hotel RL is now open in Baltimore, along with a second
one that opened in October in Washington, DC.

Even Hotel, New York, NY
Even Hotel, New York, NY

Perhaps more fitster than hipster is EVEN. This IHG brand is all 
about wellness. Each guest gets an orange sport-top water bottle, 
which can be filled at filtered water stations on each floor. Even-numbered rooms (which, oddly enough, are the only rooms) contain fitness equipment ranging from exercise 
balls and resistance bands to yoga mats.  For a more extensive 
workout, each EVEN location has a hefty athletic studio on the 
main floor. When it comes time to grab some chow after hard 
workouts, the restaurant menu is packed with healthy nosh like 
quinoa and kale. EVENs are now open in Rockville, MDNorwalk,
CT; and New York City.

Rendering of Best Western's Vib in Valencia, Spain
Rendering of Best Western’s Vib in Valencia, Spain

Best Western and Hilton are both looking to debut fresh, youthful 
brands in 2016, as well. Vib—that’s pronounced vibe—is Best 
Western’s entry, featuring lobbies that do quadruple-duty as 
check-in area, bar/coffee lounge,  gaming center, and gathering 
space. A Zen Zone, located on a mezzanine cantilevered over the 
lobby, will be a public place where guests can work above it all. 
Here again, guestrooms will be smaller than your typical room, with
 space-saving features like platform beds with storage below.   

Canopy by Hilton is also trying to reinvent the concept of the lobby
with Canopy Central, a public area that will serve as a living room 
for guests and neighbors alike. It also will house a Transfer Refuge,
containing DIY luggage storage and changing areas with showers 
for travelers on the go. Free-ranging staffers, aka enthusiasts, will 
don oxford shirts and blue jeans. Rumor has it that some may even
sport Converse hightops in bright orange, the hotel brand’s
loud-and-proud signature color.