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Friday, March 4, 2016

Chicago Just for Pun

See how many puns you can find in this Ode to The Windy City.

I recently traveled to Chicago.

Soldier Field
City of Chicago

First, I wanted to go shopping along the Magnificent Mile. The weather was cold, but I donned my white sox and soldiered on.

I bought far too much....in fact, I signed my John Hancock on credit card machines numerous times. No bull.

John Hancock City
I was a happy human bean. I exclaimed to no one in particular, "Hull, this could easily become a Daley routine."

Adam Alexander Photography
The next day was warm and sunny. I had to shedd my layers as I walked along the banks of Lake Michigan. Such a nice lakeview. Then, I got so thirsty that I felt loopy. I saw a mirage--it was Jack Black hawking hockey pucks. I couldn’t bear the thirst. My need to drink water towered over all other considerations. That stick of Wrigley in my pocket just wouldn’t cub it, nor would a Pilsen.

Later on, I went to hear Lincoln Park play at Lincoln Hall. The crowd was united in its love of alternative barack music. Midway through,  I noticed all the men and thought, “What the el...this is a boystown.”   

In terms of dining, well,  I did try the deep dish pizza. My first bite contained something resembling a filament.  “O’Hare”, I exclaimed, but it turned out it was only a thread-like strand of cheese. Next, I went to a Greektown eatery.  When the saganaki sears, everyone yells, “Oprah!”

Adam Alexander Photography
Navy Pier
Choose Chicago

The next day, I took an architecture tour on the Chicago River.  Looking at the city’s towering skyscrapers left me feeling truly humboldt.  There were a lot of military men aboard. I think they were Navy piers. Hunky men and architecture...all was Wright with the world.

Pun Count: ?? In the comments section, tell me how many you found...and add some more.

Go, Cubs 2016!


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