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Friday, November 16, 2012

9 Things to Know About Holiday Travel

It's holiday time and everyone is asking, "How can I avoid travel headaches?" Well, here's a little Top 9 List you can use, whether you've been naughty or nice this year.

1. Try to book off-peak. That means avoiding the day before the holiday, the Sunday after the holiday, etc. If you fly on the holiday itself, you will find smaller crowds at the airport, lighter loads on the plane, and better rates.

2. Send gifts ahead of time or order them on-line and have them sent directly to your holiday destination. If you must bring gifts with you and stuff them in your carry-on, don't bother wrapping them. If you do so, TSA will unwrap them for you.

3. Get yourself organized to expedite getting through security. Watch what you wear--avoid clunky belt buckles, heavy-duty jewelry, under-wire bras, or other items that might set off alarms. Have your plastic bag filled with liquids stuffed into an outside compartment of your carry-on.  Have your laptop or tablet easily accessible.  

4. Find an airline-branded credit card that allows you to check a bag for free if you purchase your ticket with self-same card. Some of those credit cards also provide holders the opportunity to jump ahead in the boarding line. 

5. To save luggage space, wear your heaviest items on board. Layer that cozy cardigan over a bulky turtleneck and then complete the outfit with a winter coat and boots. 

6. Check in ahead of time, either on-line or on a mobile device. Paying for your checked bag ahead of time will also save you a little time and a few bucks.

7. Going overseas? Check on advisories for dicey areas at travel.state.gov.  
But don't just check out the U.S. government site, as travel warnings can have an American political bent. Visit www.voyage.gc.ca/countries_pays/updates_mise-a-jour-eng.asp, the website of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and www.fco.gov.uk, the home of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

8. Even if you are staying close to home, you have to prepare for the trip. If you are driving to your destination, get your car checked out ahead of time, leave yourself plenty of time to get from Point A to Point B, and, if the kids are along for the ride, bring healthy snacks, bring plenty of entertainment, and remember to make frequent stops.

9. And if you are looking for a totally carefree holiday travel experience, stay home and host visitors from far and wide. 

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Luxury Holiday Deals said...

Headaches when travelling, you say? There will be none for as long as these tips are considered. Thank you so much.