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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ms. District of Columbia/USA Today

For its new summer travel series, USA Today has reached out to the nation's top travel experts to outline the best drives, hikes, and wildlife areas in their own backyards. I've been named Ms. Washington, DC. Here's my entry for best drive, which appeared in the June 3 USA Today Weekend section.

District of Columbia
The best drive in the nation's capital is only about five miles. Wait until sundown and start at the base of Memorial Bridge. Drive past the Lincoln Memorial and then veer right and north to glimpse the Thomas Jefferson Memorial over the shimmering waters of the Tidal Basin. As you drive up Independence Avenue and over to Jefferson Drive, the Capitol will rise before you. Next, circle back on Madison Drive, which takes you past the National Mall museums. Look ahead for a view of the Washington Monument. Swing over to Constitution for a glimpse of the White House and finish back at the Lincoln Memorial. washington.org

Recommended by DC-based travel and TV journalist Laura Powell, who blogs at dailysuitcase.com.

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