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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Whimsical Travel Products for Your Summer Vacation

What a thrill to appear on Great Day Washington this morning with football great Darrell Green. Here's the segment.

If you don't want to watch, here's a recap of the products featured.

Smiley Cruizer Yippee Rolling Case $49.95

Tired of schlepping your kid’s luggage through the airport? Let ‘em ride it. This colorful Smiley Cruizer Yippee Rolling Case conveys both clothing and kids under 40 pounds.


Along the same lines, the ZincFlyte suitcase scooter is perfect for kids on the go. Designed for ages two to eight, this hybrid is currently available only in the United Kingdom (for $78.00), but that's changing soon. Now, if only they made an adult version, we'd all be good to go.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera: $99.00

Remember Polaroid? If you do, you are likely not a millennial. But the younger crowd will certainly enjoy the instant gratification of instant photography. The Polaroid Snap is the perfect blend of an old-school Polaroid camera and modern, digital technology. Pictures can be stored on memory cards, or transferred to paper for 2 X 3 prints on the spot. While your 10-megapixel photographs won't be confused with those of Annie Leibowitz, the concept is instant fun.


Arm Pillow $15.00
This airplane armrest cushion has a zippered compartment to store glasses, your phone, or other little odds and ends. Slip it over the arm rest, then rest your arm.

Bendy Flashlight and Tablet Stand: $10.00 Bendy may look like Gumby’s cousin, but he is actually a flexible device holder that flexes to cradle a tablet or cellphone. Flip the switch on the back of his head and he becomes a flashlight. Lay him flat and he’s a bookmark.   So versatile--our little Bendy Man.


It’s the eternal question--what to do with your valuables when you want to take a dip in the ocean or the pool. Well, the SAFEGO is an answer. The lightweight, portable safe can attach to most secured fixtures, thanks to its flexible steel cable. The heavy-duty lock can be opened with a combination or a key.  Lock away your phone, keys, cash, shades, jewelry, and other belongings and then...go jump in the water.

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