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Friday, April 1, 2016

More Cool New Products from This Year's Travel Goods Show

For those of you who saw me on Let's Talk Live today, here's more information about the products discussed.  For this of you who didn't watch, here's the clip

Trying to get in an in-flight snooze, but there’s ambient light seeping into your eye mask? Occles keep the light out. And, if you use them with sunbathing, they’ll keep the UV rays out as well. Light, durable, strong and bridgeless (to avoid a tan line across the schnoz), the eye cover is padded with soft rubber, and the fit is adjustable to match your head size. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, a pair of Occles retails for $31.

4 A Clean Getaway provides the germ-phobic traveler with a washable, reusable, and fashionable seat covers for just $36. Simply slip the elastic end over the top of the seat and unroll. Voila, a clean seat. What's more, a zippered pocket lines the inside of the bottom of the cover, so you can stow books, bottles and devices germ-free.

Ever find yourself in one of those tiny hotel bathrooms where the only place to stash your toiletries is...the lid of the toilet? Yuck. Everything ORGO to the rescue. The ORGO Lite is an expandable, portable case that creates its own counter space. Unzipped, it spans across most sinks to create space, while closed and zipped up, it fits right into a small suitcase. Interior compartments are designed to hold everything in place. The suggested retail price is $40.

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