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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Gadget Guru: More Nifty Product for Travelers on the Go

Hope everyone caught my recent appearance on Great Day Washington. If not, here's the link. 

These are some of the innovative travel gadgets and gizmos we discussed. For more, see this post.

The AquaVault

It's happened to all of us. You're at the beach and you want to take a dip. But you have your car keys, and your iPhone, and other valuables to boot. What's a flip flop-clad gal/guy to do? Well, if she/he has an AquaVault, stuff can be safely stored in a lockbox while you hit the waves.

The AquaVault is basically a safe that attaches to a beach chair, a beach umbrella or other fixed objects. If it sounds familiar,  that's because it guest-starred on Shark Tank earlier this year. Sharp Shark Daymond John invested. If you want to invest in one, it's available on Amazon.com for $49.99. 

Knirp's Travel Umbrella
Umbrellas of a different sort are sold by Knirps. This X1 Pod is an umbrella that fits inside a sunglass case, making it easy to throw into a carry-on bag or even a purse. 

Where to Buy: For a store locator, go to www.knirps-usa.com.  List price is $49.95 


NapAnywhere is a new twist on the old neck rest.  In fact, it was a winner of the 2014 Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show. If you literally feel like nodding off, this flexible wedge can be molded to fit between the side of your head and your shoulder. It's held in place while you nod off with a strap that adjusts across your body. 
Where to Buy: www.napanywhere.net for $59.99. Colors include hot pink, lime, cobalt, crimson and black.

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