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Friday, May 22, 2015

XOXO to the OBX: Adventures on The Outer Banks of North Carolina

It's easy enough to kick up one's heels and just relax on The Outer Banks of North Carolina. But if one wants adventure, there's plenty for the taking.

As this occurred during my
first day on the OBX, my legs
had not yet received a proper dose of sun.

During my May stay, I recorded many firsts. First, I attempted the stand-up paddleboat. As you can see, I stood up. What you may not notice is that my SUP was actually stuck in the reeds when I managed to get upright.

Next, I rode a horse. Now, I have ridden a horse before--more than a dozen times, not to be exact. But I had never ridden a horse on the beach. Nor had I ever fallen off a horse. Now I can say I have done both. Although one of our guides blamed my lack of horsemanship for the thud, the fact is, the saddle was not adjusted tightly enough. Thus, the saddle slid off the horse with me on it. But as the aphorism goes, when you fall off a horse, you get right back up. So I did, and I bravely continued the two-hour ride to the beach.

What a sport!
Aaron Tuell, of the OBX Visitors Bureau,
with his horsey harem.

Forgive me, then, that after the tumble, I did not take to kite flying. But do note that The Outer Banks is a hot spot for the sport. In fact, Kitty Hawk Kites is the oldest kite-flying outfitter in the United States, dating back 41 years.

Next was a climb to the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It's the tallest brick lighthouse in North America, at 208 feet. It takes 257 stairs to get to the top, and yessirree, Bob, I took the bait.

Speaking of that, I didn't go fishing. But if you're a fan of Marlin (personally, I prefer Tito), net, net--The Outer Banks is where it's at.

Despite looking alluring, the fisherman who netted me said,
"Not tonight, I have a haddock."

Next, we were scheduled for a sail. But with a storm racing in, safety came first and we stayed ashore.

I attempted another first when I crashed a cornhole tourney. Yes, it took some grits (some cornpone humor there). I can't say I was amaize-ing at first try, but I see kernels of potential.

Finally, a bit battered and bruised from so much adventure, I headed to The Sanderling Resort in Duck for a much-deserved Warm Bamboo Massage. Horses and SUPs may try to break my bones, but bamboo sticks will never hurt me.

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Jessi said...

Oh no! Falling off a horse is never fun. But at least you got back up! It looks like you had a great time.