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Monday, May 12, 2014

More Tips for Packing Light

Curious how the woman behind Daily Suitcase packs? Check out this segment from Let's Talk Live in Washington, DC. 

If you don't feel like watching the whole thing (tsk, tsk), here's a pithy recap.

1. Pick a color scheme and stick to it. Many people choose black and white. I find that quite blah. Not to mention that once you spill something on those white pants, they are down for the count. Opt for basics in bluechocolate brown, or green to stand out from the crowd. Having a color plan allows you to limit purses and shoes (see below).

2. Do the mix and match thing. If your skirts and pants sport patterns, bring solid tops. Make sure you can wear different tops with different bottoms to give the illusion of tripling the size of your wardrobe.

3. Thank goodness for accessories.  They can truly change the look of an outfit. Pop a belt over that flowing dress and you have a whole new silhouette. Those who are handy with scarves can find a million ways to change things up with one small piece of fabric.

4.  Jackets and sweaters can also alter a look. Just add a top layer to an outfit you have been wearing all day and voila, you have a new outfit.

5. Since all of your clothing mixes and matches, you only need one purse.

I do not recommend choosing
clogs as one of your
three pairs of shoes.

6.  Likewise, you will be able to stick to my famous Three Shoe Rule. Now, I am not saying you can only bring three shoes. But I am limiting you to three pairs of shoes--one for dress (heels); one for fashionable walking (comfy loafers or sandals or flat boots, depending on the season); and one (sneakers) for workouts and walks on the road.. 

7.  Pack lightweight, low-wrinkle, hand-washable clothing.

8.  Use compression bags. Packing carry-on doesn't have to suck when you use these, because by sucking air from the bag with a mini-vac, you can shrink-wrap your clothing--reducing bulk by half. Travelon Space Mates are airtight, leak-proof, and cheap (2/$15).

9. Wear your heaviest clothing (parkas, boots) on board.

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