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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laura Talks Travel & Historic Hotels on the Radio

For those who heard my segment about historic hotels on Around the World Radio today, here's a bit more information.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Jefferson Hotel, visit http://www.jeffersondc.com/.

For more on the Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa, which is located just 2 1/2 hours northwest of Washington, DC, visit http://www.omnibedfordsprings.com/.

For those of you who were hanging on my every word, you were probably quite disappointed when the host cut me off. So, let me add in print what I didn't get to express verbally. If you visit the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, be sure to find out what's cooking in the kitchen. Guests can enjoy Cooking With Chef (that would be Konrad Meier), which is a 45-minute midday instruction session during which participants get to eat the fruits and vegetables and meats of their labor. The cost--just $20 per person. For something a bit more extensive and expensive, the Chef's Table dinner experience includes a lengthy cooking lesson; a multi-course meal; wine, wine, and more wine; and plenty of personal attention from Chef Konrad and his staff. The cost--$220.50.

If you didn't hear the travel segment live, click on http://www.aroundtheworldradio.com/, go to the archives section, and search for the October 22 show.

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