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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The President and I Jet Off From Dulles--I'm Delayed, He's Not

Again, these television appearances around the country are making it challenging to blog. But just so you know that even travel experts get delayed, yesterday I experienced a lovely five-hour tarmac situation (with a 40-minute break back at the airport), thanks to weather somewhere far in the distance, a need for refueling, and one Mr. Barack Obama. You see, our President decided to fly out of Dulles on his way to Egypt and as a result, all normal traffic was put in a holding pattern. I will give Barack a ba-reak, as he was jetting off in the effort to solve the Middle East crisis, terrorism, and other troubles all in one fell swoop....slightly more important than my television appearance in Jacksonville. Speaking of which, that appearance is not seen below. Instead, a segment I did earlier in the day before leaving DC is available here for your viewing pleasure.

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