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Monday, February 29, 2016

Now and Then: #TravelToppers is Back on Twitter on Thursday

The topic of the monthly #TravelToppers chat on Twitter is Now and Then. 
Start reminiscing now. Then join in Thursday, March 3 at 1 PM Eastern Time; 10 AM Pacific Time; and 6 PM London Time. Here are the questions.

Q1: Where are you checking in from and what's your generation (Millennial, X, Y, Baby Boomer)?

Q2: What was easier about traveling in the pre-Internet/pre- cell phone era? It wasn't that long ago, after all.

Q3: What was more difficult about traveling back then?

Q4: What is more difficult about traveling now?

Q5: What no longer exists, but is something you wish you had been able to experience/see? (IE: The Concorde)

Q6: What topics you would like to be discussed during upcoming #TravelToppers chats?

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