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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Greetings to all. Do you want travel advice from the pros? Do you have travel advice to share? Please join me as I host #TravelToppers on Thursday, December 3 at 1 PM Eastern Time/6 PM London Time on Twitter. The discussion this month focuses on Presents & Predictions.

I'm tweeting as @dailysuitcase

Here are the questions.


1. What's the best gift to give your favorite traveler?

2. What's on your travel gift wish list?

3. Present at the airport without presents?  What do you purchase as last-minute gifts?


Q4: Which country or continent will see the largest tourism increases in 2016? Why?

A giraffe bellies up to a watering hole in Namibia
Vietnam's Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO
World Heritage Site

Chile's Easter Island is one of the
most remote places on earth

Q5: What U.S. city will experience the largest tourism increases in 2016? Why?

San Francisco


Q6: Which country will experience the largest decreases in tourism numbers in 2016? Why?

Istanbul, Turkey

Jerusalem, Israel
Paris, France
Beijing, China
Moscow, Russia

Q7: What will be the hottest tourism trend in 2016?

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