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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where to Save Money on Summer Travel: Part II

St. Lucia Tourist Board
Feel like getting out of the country for a little sand and surf? During the summer, you may get more surf than you bargained for if you hit a Caribbean island at the same time as a hurricane. But because of the threat of storms, resorts in the region offer eye-catching summer deals. 

If you were planning to spend $60,000 for your August-long getaway, I can save you $30,000. Peter Island Resort and Spa’s Summer Villa Rental Program comes with warm Caribbean hospitality, a variety of activities, and savings up to 50% off regular rates. A 28-day stay in a villa housing six guests will “only” set you back $31,640 (less than $5,300 a person), versus the normal $60,000 rental. Such a deal! Rates for a fully staffed villa rental for 28 days with meals for six guests start at $43,400 - also a savings of 50%. Rates are subject to an 18% tax, which in the first case adds nearly $6,000 to the total and in the second, nearly $8000--but still, half off tax, too! The Summer Villa Rental Program is available through October 31.

St. Lucia Tourist Board
For something tastier to most budgets, consider Chocolate Heritage Month in Saint Lucia this August.  Saint Lucia's chocolate legacy dates back to the 1700s. The island's chocolate-making process has hardly changed since that original chocolate boom, solidifying Saint Lucia's reputation as a top quality cocoa producer. Most of the idyllic island’s resorts are offering deals and packages including chocolate-inspired spa treatments, cooking classes, visits to a cocoa plantation, and rooms up to 55% off high-season prices.

If you want to head to the Caribbean without bringing a passport, remember that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are American territories, and therefore do not require extra documentation.

For more summer deals, see Part I of this post.

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