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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Puns A' Plenty at the DC Improv

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Beltway Pundits

Beltway Pundits

Produced by Laura Powell, it's #SundayPunday! Come out to our lounge and compete in DC's new pun competition. Two ways to play ...

This is another new "game night" that we're testing out - the first edition in March sold out, and we're bringing it back for another round in two weeks. It's "open registration," so anyone can sign up to compete if they pay the $5 cover.

The registration is full for our "Pun Battle" (a bunch of short pun speeches). But you can still compete in The Punger Games, a quick-draw tournament in which up to 24 puntestants face off in punder and lightening rounds. This is where improvisers can shine - competitors have to come up with puns on a dime, making 'cents' of a given theme. The last punster standing in each round moves on to the next quarter... or semi ... or final. If this sounds confusing, don't sweat it - we made a short video explaining the process.

Right now we only have about 15 seats left, so if this intrigues you, get a ticket ASAP.

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