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Thursday, January 14, 2016

#TravelToppers on Twitter is Back Today 1 PM ET

Do you ever feel like Mr. Bill when traveling?  If so, today's #TravelToppers on Twitter is for you. Top travel pros will be offering advice and answering your questions at 1 PM in New York; 6 PM in London. You can't be there? Mr. Bill says, "Oh, noooo..............."  For more on the chat, feel free to contact me on Twitter @dailysuitcase 

Q1: What’s the best piece of travel advice you gleaned in 2015? Please share.

Q2: What is your top travel tip for saving money?

Q3: What is your top travel tip for flying?

Q4: What is your top travel tip for travel planning?

Q5: What is your top tip for travel bloggers?

Q6: What do you foresee as three of the year’s hottest travel trends?

Q7: What topics would you like #TravelToppers to cover in 2016?

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