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Thursday, August 15, 2013

9 Things to Know about St. Michaels, Maryland

1. It has nice scenery.

Celebrating St. Michaels Day 
2. Locals take history seriously. But, as seen below, they aren't too uptight about it.

3. Dog-friendly doesn't even begin to describe the scene. The dogs are so happy here, they never bark. If you hear a dog vocalizing, he's likely a visitor.

4. The people are friendly, too. How friendly are they? They even cheer the lady who scoops up horse manure as a parade goes by.
Oxford-Belluvue Ferry

5. Old-time ice cream parlors, ferry boats and skipjack rides are throwbacks to simpler times.

6. Police don't give out tickets for parking illegally on a festival day.

7.  The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a treasure trove of see-worthy history.

8. Charming neighboring communities of Easton and Oxford are easy to access by car, bicycle, or boat.

Crab at the Peacock Restaurant at
the Inn at 202 Dover
9.  Crab.

For more information on St. Michaels and its surroundings, visit www.tourtalbot.org.

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