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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prince Philip Redux

I know this has nothing to do with travel, but I simply can't contain myself. This post, you see, follows up on my ditty from June 19 about a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Philip. In said post, I implied that the poor prince just doesn't get any respect.

Well, watching Jeopardy last night once again proved my point. You see, I'm a channel-flipper of the highest degree. I rank up there with any alpha male on that score, although I am quite dainty and lady-like (as you can tell from my column about the meeting with Prince Philip). At any rate, I flipped over to Jeopardy in time for the final round. The topic was Royalty and the "answer" went something like this: "This person, also known as the Baron of Greenwich, shares a great-great-great-grandmother, namely Queen Victoria, with his wife." All thoughts about royal inbreeding aside, I quickly buzzed in with "Prince Philip" and, by golly, I knew I was right. Furthermore, I thought this one was a no-brainer that all of the contestants would ace.

But alas, two of the contestants were downright wrong, answering "Prince Charles" (read the clue carefully, man). And even the one who got Prince Philip right, and went on to gain the Jeopardy throne, spelled his name "Phillip." Fortunately, Alex Trebek doesn't penalize you for spelling, although he's a stickler for punctuation (and pronunciation--don't you love how Alex is always Mr. Know-It-All when it comes to saying things correctly---as if he doesn't have producers whispering in his ears all of the time with the proper patois).

But I digress. Who's with me for starting a Prince Philip Phan Club? The poor guy needs a little PR, don't you think?

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